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Odd thought of the moment - Malaclypse the Seeker

Apr. 23rd, 2010

04:23 pm - Odd thought of the moment

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From Wikipedia: "Giant isopods are important scavengers in the deep-sea benthic environment"[1]

Now, imagine the end of Titanic, and Leonardo DiCaprio being omnomnomed by one of these:

You're welcome.

[1]I'm exaggerating, of course; the giant isopod doesn't live at those depths. But it's still a funny/aiee image.

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Date:April 24th, 2010 04:34 pm (UTC)
I misparsed (isn't that phrase often the prelude to something amusing?) "omnomnommed" as "summoned."

Imagine. Your ship just sank. The cold water closed over your head as your aching limbs refused to move. Consciousness faded. Consciousness re-lit. You found yourself inside a circle of glowing red coral laid on the floor of an abyssal chasm, a bubble of air holding back the crushing dark waters. A clicking comes from those shadows, and resolves into words in your mind.

"And now, 'human'... I will be asking you some questions about air-breather weaponry. Comply to the best of your knowledge, and you may find yourself washed safely ashore some time from now. I believe you understand your situation."
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